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Thursday, September 21, 2023

A St. Lucian Man Saves The Day On British Airways 2159 From Gatwick

A Saint Lucian national heroically intervened to break up a quarrel between two passengers on a flight to Saint Lucia, which unfortunately resulted in an injury.

There was an argument between a fellow Saint Lucian passenger and another person on board the Gatwick-bound BA 2159 about two hours before it arrived at Hewanorra International Airport.

The father and his family were apparently attacked by the Saint Lucian traveler, who was clutching a bottle.

Another Saint Lucian traveler made a good faith effort to restore order by interjecting.

Unfortunately, this peacemaker, who also happened to have diabetes, suffered a nasty cut that needed to be treated right away by a nurse on the flight.

The pilot immediately contacted Saint Lucia authorities about the event after landing.

At St Jude Hospital, the hurt people—including the courageous peacemaker—continued to receive medical care.

The attacker was detained by the police in the interim.

In order to learn more about the situation and choose the best line of action, officials are currently looking into it.



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