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Monday, April 15, 2024

    Affluent Americans Choose Jamaica For Their Holidays

    Affluent Americans Choose Jamaica For Their Holidays: MONTEGO BAY, St James — Jamaica is among the top 10 destinations that well-heeled travelers are now booking for their holidays, according to a Virtuoso survey published in CNBC ‘s Personal Finance section earlier this week.

    The listing has given a further boost to the island’s tourism marketers’ efforts to promote the destination, given that Virtuoso connects travelers to the world’s best travel advisors.

    “We are happy to see that Jamaica is still top of mind for many persons around the world who want to travel,” senior communications strategist in the Ministry of Tourism Delano Seiveright told the Jamaica Observer.

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    “We are happy that many well-off Americans, as the survey pointed out, basically wealthier, affluent Americans are very keen on travelling to Jamaica, and Jamaica made it in the top 10 of destinations that they want to travel to,” added Seiveright.

    “The fact is, we have over 150,000 directly employed persons in the tourism sector who are out of a job. We have many, many more thousand Jamaicans who are connected to tourism who are out of a job or have significantly reduced incomes,” he said.

    “We have billions of dollars in revenue that is just not coming in, and have markets for foreign exchange that the country needs to function on, that is inactive. The fact is that we have to move towards reopening whilst, of course, taking special note of the public health considerations that are absolutely important for the people of Jamaica.”

    Seiveright also expressed his delight that Virgin Atlantic has its sights set on including Jamaica on its itinerary for summer 2021 with service from London, Heathrow to Montego Bay.

    “So we see some very bright sparks on the horizon and we are looking forward to Jamaica re-entering the tourism frame, albeit cautiously,” Seiveright said.

    He said the Ministry of Tourism has put forward a five-point recovery strategy that takes into full consideration public health matters and a standard approach to reopening Jamaica as a visitor destination.

    The other countries on Virtuoso’s list of top ten destinations are Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; St Martin, French West Indies; Tanzania; Los Angeles, United States; Maui, Hawaii; Nairobi, Kenya; Cape Town, South Africa; and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.


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