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Friday, September 22, 2023

Albinus ‘Lamer’ Butcher Found Dead Under A Mango Tree

This morning, a resident of Raveneau, Choiseul, was found dead under a mango tree in the neighborhood.

One of Albinus ‘Lamer’ Butcher’s nieces saw his slippers under the mango tree at around 6:30 in the morning, and she later found his dead in a gutter.

The deceased, who periodically climbs coconut trees for a hotel and sells mangoes and coconuts, may have fallen from the mango tree, according to family members and locals.

Near his body, a bag of mangoes was discovered.

Andy Butcher, the deceased’s niece, claims that her uncle bought bread from the store where she works last night and told her he would pick it up later.

According to her, the bread was still there between 9 and 10 o’clock, so she brought it home in the hopes that her uncle would stop by to pick it up.

My son was sent to look for him under the mango tree after my cousin told me he had been spotted sitting there, but he was unable to find him.

She added that her uncle had complained of waist pain and that she had been unable to sleep that night due to her worries.

The next day, Butcher stated that she felt compelled to conduct her own investigation.

She claimed, “So I went down with my sister to check under the mango tree and she found him laying in a gutter.

She claimed that the deceased, a well-known father of two, was well-known in the neighborhood.

He had his small ups and downs, but Butcher described him as peaceful and pleasant.



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