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Monday, May 27, 2024

    Bali Indonesia

    Located in the middle of the world’s largest archipelago, Bali is Indonesia’s most well known island. Its rich traditions, breathtaking nature, colorful ceremonies, and unique culture make it stand out from its neighbors.

    With an average year round temperature of around 27C (80F), an open-minded culture, access to modern bars, luxurious spas and sandy beaches it is no wonder that many simply get addicted to the Island.

    Although Indonesia is the largest Muslim dominated country in the world, Bali is unique with its mostly Hindu culture which permeates all aspects of everyday life. Ceremonies are held almost every day, celebrating the cycles of the moon, holidays, birth, marriage, coming of age, and passing away.

    Traditional clothing is still commonly worn, and visitors are often surprised by the daily ‘canang sari’ offerings to Gods and demons that are found everywhere on sidewalks, shrines, stores, and homes.

    Bali is the wellness capital of the world. Tired travelers can pamper themselves with highly affordable massages and spa treatments, or simply relax on the beach with a cocktail and watch a beautiful sunset.

    Whatever your interest, Bali will have something amazing for you. With so many choices on offer, a travelers’ only problem is figuring out, where to stay, what to do and
    how to do it.

    Traditional dances and plays are regularly performed for locals and visitors alike, to the accompanying sound of the gamelan orchestra. Balinese culture is part of life everywhere on the island. It has found a center in Ubud, which, despite being one of the world’s most liveable places, is still run according to traditional village principles.

    Here, rituals, traditional medicine, and magic are still a part of everyday life. Those wishing to explore their spiritual side can find meditation programs and yoga classes that will help them achieve inner peace.

    Watersport is amazing. World-class scuba diving and snorkeling is available in a number of locations around the island, from the protected natural reserves of Menjangan, to the shipwreck of the USS Liberty at Tulamben, to the more challenging waters of Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan and foremost Nusa Penida, where manta rays and the rare mola mola are sighted regularly.


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