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Monday, April 15, 2024

    Caribbean Islands

    It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you the unique islands that make up the Caribbean – a necklace of pearl-like gems strewn across the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. We present the best of the Caribbbean Islands and Islands of the Bahamas, from three star to five star luxury resorts through romantic hideaways to family holiday destinations.

    With a history of ancient tribes, romantic plantations, conquistadors and swashbucklers such as Sir Francis Drake, Bluebeard and Horatio Nelson, the Caribbean islands are awash with intrigue.

    Its wonderful mix of cultures – African, British, Spanish, French and Dutch – have all forged their mark on the Caribbean way of life, whether it be through colonial architecture, the wonderfully evocative mix of languages or the cuisine.

    Getting There

    The Caribbean islands are accessible by flying via the America’s, U.K, Europe and South America. From the United States, using Miami, New York or one of the other gateway cities, you can make it a great add on to your next US trip.

    You can also fly via London directly into the larger Caribbean islands. Flying times from the US vary from a one hour flight from Miami to Nassau, to nearly four hours from Miami to Trinidad in the far south.


    The Caribbean is a year round destination. The high winter season runs from mid December to mid-April with hotels operating at peak rates during this popular period. This is generally the driest time of the year.

    The low summer season runs from mid-April to mid-December when hotels have lower rates providing great value. From June to November the temperature varies only slightly, averaging between 25 degrees and 30 degrees celcius in both winter and summer.

    Entry Requirements

    You must carry a valid passport and an ongoing or return ticket. Australian passport holders do not require a visa for entrance to the USA, Puerto Rico (under a 3 month stay) or the US Virgin Islands; visas are required for Cuba, as well as for Trinidad and Tobago. For travelers on medication, copies of prescriptions should be carried to avoid possible complications.

    History & Culture

    Because the Caribbean is composed of so many island nations that were settled and fought over by many different groups of Europeans, and because people were brought in as slaves or indentured workers from Africa and Asia, the area is a rich gumbo of culture and tradition.

    Trinidad has an African heritage which is reflected in its calypso rhythm. St Kitts, Antigua, Nevis, Barbados and the British Virgin Islands have a rich British history manifested in their love of cricket. St Maarten, Bonaire and Curacao all fly the Dutch flag and have colourful Dutch colonial buildings.

    Guadeloupe, Martinique, St Martin and St Barts are very French – in their language, currency, cuisine and style. English is widely spoken and understood on all islands.


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