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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

    Deporting Dual Citizens Who Commit Crimes

    Deporting Dual Citizens Who Commit Crimes – Paul from Chelmsford said he thinks when people convicted for terror offences are released they should be deported.

    This was in reaction to a terror attack on Sunday in south London where a man was shot dead by armed police after two people were stabbed and another was injured.

    “Many of these people have got dual nationality,” Paul said, “if they’ve got dual nationality: deportment.”

    Shelagh pointed out that she has dual nationality and asked, “If I committed a crime in this country should I be deported to Ireland?”

    Paul said he’d recently been in prison and he knew of many Eastern European people that were being deported once released to which Shelagh countered that some convicted terrorists were born in the UK like Streatham attacker Sudesh Amman, who would have had nowhere to be deported to.

    Shelagh questioned hypothetically that even if she should be deported, “why should Ireland take me on?”

    “You’ll lose your British citizenship, I don’t care about Ireland,” Paul said, “at the end of the day if you’ve got an Irish passport that’s where you have to go back to.”

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    Continuing the hypothetical situation, Shelagh said she was born here so she wouldn’t be going “back” anywhere and suggested Paul throw his feelings “in the Thames with a breeze-block round their ankles if I was going on my guts.”

    “You can’t make Ireland or any other country in the world the bin for our citizens who displease us,” Shelagh said.

    Paul said that Ireland wouldn’t produce this sort of behaviour and Shelagh listed the actions of the IRA who were “vicious psychopaths” and “just as bad.”

    She continued that the government of “magic nation number two where they go” could reject the terrorist which is why Paul’s theory is entirely implausible.


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