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Saturday, April 13, 2024

    Google Top 10 Destinations In 2020

    Google Top 10 Destinations In 2020 – Have you been tirelessly researching potential travel destinations for 2020? Maybe you need a little inspiration. Google is listing the top trending places to start off 2020. Some of the cities may surprise you.

    In addition to seeing trending places, Google has a more robust hotel search tool for 2020. It can be easier to find personalized results for where to stay and how to optimize your visit.

    Popular Destinations For 2020

    Here are the top 10 trending destinations for 2020 (according to Google):

    • Da Nang, Vietnam
    • Sao Paolo, Brazil
    • Seoul, Korea
    • Tokyo, Japan
    • Tel Aviv, Israel
    • Marseille, France
    • Vienna, Austria
    • Bangkok, Thailand
    • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    • Perth, Australia

    How does Google decide these are some of the most popular trends? Their research methodology compares the number of hotel searches with travel dates in 2020 to a similar number of searches from 2018 for 2019 travel dates.

    These 10 places are seeing an uptick in interest as travelers consider a new place to visit. This isn’t to say that perennial tourist favorites like Rome, Barcelona or Maldives are less popular. But, some of those places may not be the first cities to populate your travel list anymore.

    Using Google Hotel Search

    If you already use Google Flights to research flight options, their hotel search engine is stronger than before.

    Instead of only searching for a place to sleep, check out these nifty features to find the best option for your travel budget.

    When To Visit

    You can now view the best times to visit a certain destination within the search screen. Typically you may need to open a separate tab to view a travel guide or find learn about the average weather conditions and holidays.

    With Google, you can see the average temperature range, tourist traffic, and if the average nightly rate is above or below the usual rate.

    If your travel schedule is flexible, you can quickly pick the month that has the best mix of weather, number of tourists, and hotel prices. For example, June is the peak travel season in Da Nang with the highest number of tourists and the most expensive hotel rates.

    Where To Stay

    Quickly see where the best neighborhoods can be to stay. In each neighborhood, you will see a quick summary of the area, key landmarks and amenities, and the average nightly rate. Scrolling down lets you filter different hotels.

    In classic Google style, you can see an overhead Google Maps view of each hotel located within the neighborhood with the nightly rate. This might be the search tool you’re most used to. Zooming in lets you pinpoint potential hotels and nearby amenities.

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    You can include or exclude certain neighborhoods which is a convenient feature if you are looking to avoid something specific like crowded areas.

    What You’ll Pay

    The third research feature is seeing the nightly rate by hotel star rating. Guessing what a fair price is can be a guessing game. Google monitors the average nightly costs.

    A 5-star hotel in Da Nang generally costs between $130 and $185 per night during the month of January. As of the time of publishing, the average room only goes for $129. So you won’t need to worry about overpaying if you find a room near the $129 per nightly rate.

    You can see the nightly rate and total price. Either pricing option lets you quickly see if you can afford your desired hotel.


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