Jordan Citizenship By Investment Benefits And Requirements

Jordan Citizenship By Investment Benefits And Requirements

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, so named after the Jordan River that runs along its western border, is a politically liberal nation dedicated to peace and stability.

As a major ally of the United States, the Southwest Asian nation became independent of the United Kingdom in 1946. Jordan has good relations with its neighbors as well; it has a peace treaty with Israel and is a member of the League of Arab States.

Jordan’s different architecture, including its traditional geometric-designed buildings and several intricately designed mosques, as well as its Gold and Spice Markets and array of handicrafts, are clear examples of the land’s influence from many different eras and civilizations. This traditional nation is given a creative touch by a modest film industry and folk visual art forms such as pottery, leather, tapestry, and embroidery.

Jordan, which is nearly entirely landlocked and is part of the Northern Arabian Peninsula, offers potential investors a number of advantages due to its close proximity to Israel to the west and Saudi Arabia to the south, creating a more favorable business and investment environment.

Amman, the region’s capital, is a significant hub for trade and transportation, and the Port of Al-‘Aqabah is located near the coast. Jordan is essential to the Arab world because Amman is a major hub for Arabic culture.

Despite making up four-fifths of the country’s land area, the natural landscape is the Syrian desert, which is a portion of the Arabian Desert. However, the nearby Mediterranean Sea influences the country’s climate, which shifts from Mediterranean to desert in the east and south.

Benefits of the Jordan Citizenship by Investment Program

  • Visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to over 50 destinations
  • Citizenship applicable to the whole family including the main applicant’s spouse, children (unmarried, widowed, or divorced daughters and sons under 18), and dependent parents
  • Citizenship of a calm and stable country in the Middle East
  • Citizenship of a country that plays an active role in the UN and is a member of the World Trade Organization

Requirements of Jordanian citizenship by investment

The Jordan Citizenship by Investment Program requires that a foreign individual invests into either a bank deposit, treasury bonds, securities, small and medium enterprises, or a local job-creating project.

Applicants are required to fulfill one of the following investment options in the country:

  1. Bank deposit and treasury bondsPlace a zero-interest deposit of USD 1 million at the Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) for a minimum period of three years; and

    Purchase treasury bonds valued at USD 1 million at an interest rate to be decided upon by the CBJ, held for a minimum period of six years.

  2. Company shares and/or unitsBuy shares and/or units in Jordanian companies valued at a minimum of USD 1.5 million, provided they are held for at least three years and that the Companies Control Department and/or the Jordan Securities Commission denote temporary seizure of them.
  3. Small and medium enterprises (local project leading to employment creation)Establish an investment project in a specific productive economic sector with capital of at least USD 1 million in any location in the Amman governorate (USD 750,000 for a project that is registered outside Amman), provided the project creates at least 20 employment opportunities (reduced to at least 10 opportunities for Jordanians for a project in a governorate other than Amman), in accordance with the statements of the Social Security Corporation.

Documentary evidence of the investment must be provided as part of the application process.

The Jordan Citizenship by Investment Program’s steps and timeline

Applications for Jordanian citizenship must be submitted with completed application forms, the required fees, and supporting documentation.

The application of the eligibility requirements is limited to 500 cases per year, contingent upon the applicant’s financial sufficiency and security clearance.

Every six months, the requirements are assessed and reviewed; they are not applied retroactively.

The applicant can select their preferred investment path following the completion of preliminary due diligence checks: A bank deposit and treasury bonds, company shares and/or units, or an enterprise that leads to employment creation.

If eligibility is established, the application for Jordanian citizenship may be accepted after it has been successfully submitted to the appropriate government committee and additional due diligence checks have been finished.

A Jordanian passport is awarded to the applicant (as well as any family members they may have included) upon fulfillment of the selected investment.

The primary investor, spouse, dependent parents, and children (married, widowed, or divorced daughters and sons under the age of eighteen) are all granted citizenship.