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Friday, September 22, 2023

Minister Gadsby-Dolly Responds To Trinity College Action Against Male Students Cornrows

In the upcoming academic year, decisions on the standardization of the regulations and elimination of subjectivity with regard to male students’ school hairstyles will be put into effect.

Following the “unfortunate and regrettable” events that took place at Trinity College, Moka’s 2023 Graduation Ceremony, confirmation came from Education Minister Dr. Nyan Gadsby-Dolly.

According to Gadsby-Dolly, the situation has given rise to a crucial dialogue and emphasized the need for these discussions with stakeholders.

Her remark comes in the wake of a social media storm around the school’s alleged exclusion of graduates whose haircuts allegedly didn’t adhere to the institution’s rules.

According to a Facebook post that has gone viral, a group of graduates and students were not permitted to enter through the front door because of the students’ hairdos.

The majority of the students who were allegedly excluded are seen in the post’s photo wearing their hair in tidy cornrows.

Gadsby-Dolly said in a lengthy post on her Facebook page that she’s had the advantage of considering several points of view on the subject.

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She stated that it is obvious that the graduating students, particularly the group of young males, had a poor experience on what should have otherwise been a highlight of their secondary school experience, regardless of who or what is to blame.

The Minister admitted that, in some instances, there might have been a violation of the school’s policies.

According to the reports, both students and parents were reminded of the school’s policies about the compulsory attire for the graduation ceremony.

Therefore, it appears obvious that those who disobeyed were aware of their breach—or should have been—she stated.

However, she asserted that it is legitimate to examine whether the commencement ceremony is the appropriate venue for enforcing school policies against the graduates.

The Minister continued, “Regardless of one’s emotional and visceral reaction to this matter, it is a truth that rule-keeping is a crucial component of the teaching that schools are designed to convey. Society as a whole depends on it.

No matter how non-conformist one may be, we all adhere to some sort of regulation, such as driving on the proper side of the road.

The Minister emphasized the significance of following school regulations in practice.

She continued by saying that discourse should be promoted rather than outright conflict in situations when there are competing opinions, particularly in a school context.



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