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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit Calms The Fears Of Dominicans After UK Revoked Visa Free Status

In a speech to the nation, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said that although the British government’s decision to revoke Dominica’s visa-free status is regrettable and saddens him, it won’t have a long-term negative impact on Dominicans.

In his speech, he reassured Dominican citizens that the British government has made it plain that the decision does not signal a decline in bilateral ties between the two countries or any other negative consequences.

According to the prime minister, every country would appropriately assess its own immigration laws and attitudes on a regular basis to address what it perceives to be pressing issues.

In that broad framework, he said, the UK’s decision to discontinue granting visa-free entry to citizens of a number of nations, including Dominica, must be understood.

The UK has expressed reservations over Dominica’s CBI initiative, as PM Skerrit has acknowledged. “I want to reassure the people of the Dominica that several changes have already been made to the organization and management of our program, and that additional steps will be taken to strengthen the program in the coming weeks and months,” the official said.

The prime minister of Dominica stated that the UK is currently establishing its own electronic travel authorization systems, much like the EU. Anyone entering the UK without a visa will have to apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization once it is deployed later this year.

PM Skerrit acknowledged that many people who go to the UK frequently for business, pleasure, or to visit family may currently find the demand for a visa to be inconvenient.

The Dominicans are still welcome in the United Kingdom, he said, so this does not preclude them from traveling to or through it.

The British government has instituted a program where it shall accept applications online and establish an office in Dominica on demand to allow applicants to submit their biometrics and to finalize their applications, the prime minister continued, to reiterate their desire not to obstruct the efforts of Dominican residents at home to enter and transit the United Kingdom.

Dominicans who do not live in Dominica may also apply for entrance visas at the British consulates in their area.



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