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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

    Puebla Mexico

    Puebla Mexico Early History

    Cholula, the most important settlement of ancient Puebla, was established between 800 and 200 B.C. and is considered the oldest continually inhabited city in Mexico. By 100 B.C., the Olmecs had developed Cholula into one of Mexico’s most active cities.

    During that period they began building the immense monument known as the Great Pyramid of Cholula. One of the largest pyramids in the world, it stands 55 meters (181 feet) tall with a base that measures over 396 meters (1,300 feet) on each side. Similar to the fate of Teotihuacán to the northwest, Cholula was mostly abandoned around 800 A.D. for unknown reasons.

    The Capital

    Puebla is the capital of Puebla state, and people from there are called poblanos. If you’re not up for driving, you can fly to Puebla directly from several US cities, including Dallas and Houston. Puebla’s previous governor sunk a lot of money into projects like new bridges, trains and hotels, many of which are now completed and ready to handle visitors. Within Mexico, Puebla has a reputation for strong religious roots.

    The Spanish built the city at the intersection of two rivers and dubbed it their new Jerusalem and there seems to be a stunning church on every corner. Locals will tell you there are 365 — one for every day of the year. Puebla is the city attached to Cinco de Mayo, when the Mexican army defeated French forces on May 5, 1862 in the Battle of Puebla. All that and Puebla’s city center is a UNESCO World Heritage site, too.

    What to do in Puebla

    The Palafoxian Library is considered the oldest library in the Americas with an intact collection and where the building and all the shelves and furniture are original. These characteristics lead UNESCO to add the Library to its Memory of the World Registry in June 2005.

    The Cathedral of Puebla is considered one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world, in addition to having the tallest towers in the continent. Furthermore, The Cathedral safeguards an important art collection (paintings, sculptures, music compositions and documents).

    The Chapel of the Rosary is the greatest baroque jewel of the seventeenth century in Puebla and Mexico. Since the day it opened its doors on April 16th 1690, the Chapel has been seen as  one of a kind due to its symbolism and the quality of its decorations which are largely covered with gold foil.


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