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Saturday, April 13, 2024

    Stranger Donates Rare Gold Coins To The Salvation Army

    Stranger Donates Rare Gold Coins To The Salvation Army – According to WTSP, two rare gold coins, one worth $2,000 and the other worth $3,000, were found in their Red Kettles within a six day span.

    The generous donor reportedly left a note during the second drop off, which happened at the same location as the first.

    “My hope is to continue drawing attention to such a wonderful organization. The whole country should know about the amazing things The Salvation Army does for their community,” the anonymous person wrote.

    The Salvation Army said they are very thankful for the donor’s act of kindness.

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    “This anonymous donor has brought such a light to our Christmas season. I hope he or she knows how much we appreciate their generosity,” says Captain Andy Miller.

    If you’d like to donate to the Salvation Army, CLICK HERE.


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