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Monday, April 15, 2024

    Travel Destinations For College Students On A Budget

    Travel Destinations For College Students On A Budget: As a college student, traveling is good for you because you get to experience life in different parts of the world.

    However, you need to learn how to plan for your trips, so you don’t get stranded in a foreign country.

    Traveling cheap is as fulfilling as any other traveling experience. When you need a break from books and academics, traveling is usually an excellent option.

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    You need to find cheap travel destinations that offer you amazing experiences without denting your pocket. College students have so much they need to spend their money on; from learning essentials to online writing services.

    Essay writers like ensure you keep track of your academics even when you’re on a different continent.

    Make a habit of traveling with friends as this helps you bring the traveling cost even lower. Let’s look at eight travel destinations every college student should visit.

    1. Cancun, Mexico

    At the top of our list is Cancun, a famously affordable destination in Mexico. This is an excellent spring holiday destination for students because the plane tickets are very affordable.

    Cancun’s reputation precedes it because many students have been here, and they attest to having a time of their lives.

    As you know, college students love to have fun , and Cancun’s climate provides the perfect environment for fun activities. If you’re tired of wearing a sweater all the time, fly down to Mexico and enjoy Cancun’s sun.

    You get to let your hair down, and the warm breeze rush through it. And you need not worry about your unfinished assignments because you can access online writing services regardless of where you are.

    Cancun has amazing and comfortable resorts that will ensure you access affordable accommodation. When you travel with friends, the trip is even cheaper because you get to share costs.

    Not to mention the numerous opportunities here for you to make money. If you love to impact communities, you can volunteer to teach English.

    This gives you the perfect opportunity to interact with the locals. There are also other programs like marine conservation in case teaching is not your forte.

    2. Guadalajara, Mexico

    Still on that Mexico vibe, you can also visit Guadalajara; interesting name right? If you’re not into parties, then this is the perfect holiday destination for you.

    Guadalajara offers you peace and tranquility. It is the perfect place to unwind and relax because you’ll be away from the noise and the busy lifestyle in the college setup.

    Even though Guadalajara does not give you access to sandy beaches , you’ll still enjoy the sun because Mexico’s weather is quite favorable.

    It is actually one of the cheapest cities in Mexico. This means spending a couple of days will not dent your pockets.

    3. Pacific Northwest

    This is the perfect destination for all college students in the United States. The beaches in Pacific Northwest are breath-taking, and if you travel during off-season, you get access to cheap plane tickets.

    Even though this isn’t an international destination, it is perfect because it’s extremely affordable. The accommodation here is comfortable, and you’ll get value for your money.

    You’ll get the opportunity to take Instagram-worthy pictures because the views are scenic.

    Every college student needs to come here at least once. You get the opportunity to make memories and learn new facts.

    4. The Bahamas

    If you’ve always wanted to visit the Bahamas, you should start saving now because it’s not that expensive. You should preferably visit with a group of friends so that you can share costs.

    This way, you can take part in different fun activities without running out of money.

    There are so many beaches to relax on and many opportunities to throw great parties. The Bahamas is the perfect chill spot because it caters for the needs of students.

    5. St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Island

    Most people write off visiting all Caribbean islands because they assume they’re expensive. However, planning ahead allows you to visit any part of the world.

    The Virgin island is a place worth saving for because of its rare beauty. Planning a trip to St. Croix allows you to have a good time without breaking the bank.

    It is not as expensive as the other Caribbean islands, and it offers you a once in a lifetime holiday experience.

    Once you’re through with your semester exams, heading over to St. Croix is the best therapy. You get to treat yourself and make beautiful memories.

    6. Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

    This is another holiday destination to the Caribbean that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. If you want to head straight to the beach, Puerto Viejo in Costa Rica is an excellent choice.

    This place is famous for unique animal habitats, wildlife refuge centers, as well as surf breaks.

    Puerto Viejo will offer you a break that’s worth it in every essence. If you need a place to retreat and turn your life around, this is the place to be.

    Costa Rica has numerous opportunities for you to volunteer and make a difference. There are many NGOs and charity centers here that could use more volunteers.

    This is also your opportunity to learn how to surf, as well as speak Spanish.

    7. Australia

    If you want to travel internationally without spilling over your budget, Australia is the perfect destination for you.

    Anyone who loves the outdoors will love the endless possibilities of adventure Australia provides. The flight prices are very low, and you won’t have to travel for long.

    Aside from the volunteering opportunities, Australia offers you a chance to really connect with nature. If you want to cut down costs further, you can offer to help with chores at your hotels for free accommodation.

    8. Morocco

    Lastly, we have Morocco that is a destination suited for college students working with a budget. The best thing about visiting Morocco is that the cost of living is very low.

    This means you can stay here for a couple of days without feeling the pinch.


    Now that you have a list of affordable holiday destinations, nothing is stopping you from traveling. Start saving today and make the most of your college years.


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