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Saturday, May 25, 2024


    Aston Martin Last V12 Vantage Supercar For 2022

    Aston Martin recently confirmed it would be building but one last V12 Vantage generation. It is expected sometime in 2022 and will be the...

    Bugatti Unveils Its Track Only Bolide Concept Car

    Bugatti’s Bolide is officially coming to a track near you. Last week, the French automaker revealed at The Quail motorsports gathering in California that it’s...

    Fake Cartier Jewelry Smuggled Into Louisville Kentucky

    A shipper recently used a common technique in hopes of sneaking their fake jewelry past U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers in Louisville. The shipper...

    Diamond Trade Is Making A Come Back

    Diamond Trade Is Making A Come Back: The global diamond trade spent years in the doldrums, only to be crippled by the pandemic just...

    Bugatti Second Model On Hold Pending Decision

    Bugatti Second Model On Hold Pending Decision: Bugatti has put on hold plans to launch a second model line as it awaits a decision...

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