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Monday, March 4, 2024

    Biden Insults The People Of Texas And Mississippi

    After President Joe Biden slammed Texas and Mississippi for “Neanderthal thinking” on removing face mask mandates and COVID-19 restrictions, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., on Newsmax TV shot back to takes one to know one.

    “I would say it would take a Neanderthal to know a Neanderthal, so maybe Biden has some knowledge we don’t know,” Paul told Wednesday’s “Rob Schmitt Tonight.”

    “But, no, it’s about time. It’s long past time we open the schools.

    “Schools should have been open 6 months ago.”

    Paul also ripped Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus bill that will be heard by the Senate.

    “It’s just really this egg-headed notion that we can grow money on trees, shake the money tree, and pass it out,” Paul told host Rob Schmitt. “But they’re doing crazy stuff with it, too.

    “You know there’s $10 million in there to study Native American languages?”

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    “There’s $300 billion in there to bail out New York, and California, and Illinois, and all these profligate liberal states that spend money like crazy,” Paul added.

    Video: Biden Calls Texas People Neanderthals 

    “There’s nothing good coming out of this. It’s a terrible bill. And not one Republican’s going to vote for it.”

    Back to the COVID-19 science, while Biden is not a doctor, Sen. Paul is and he points to the data.

    “It’s dropping straight downwards,” Paul said. “A doctor in the Wall Street Journal said it’s going to be gone by April. I think he may be right.

    “We’ve got 75 million people who have been vaccinated. We’ve got another 30 million people who’ve had it naturally.

    There’s probably another 10 or 15 million people who had it and don’t know they had it. We’re rapidly developing enough immunity that this thing is going to go away.

    “We should be celebrating and the people who have been vaccinated should be throwing their masks away or putting them in a pile and burning their masks, and telling Dr. [Anthony] Fauci to go fly a kite; we can make our own decisions in a free country.”


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