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Saturday, April 13, 2024

    Heavy Equipment To Begin Work On St. Peter’s Main Road

    The Honourable Dr. Terrance Drew, Prime Minister, paid a visit to the St. Peter’s construction site, where heavy equipment operators are now working on the Rehabilitation of the St. Peter’s Main Road and F. T. Williams Highway East Project, doing a great deal of work.

    Resurfacing the road is part of the extensive road restoration project, which starts at the roundabout near the R. L. Bradshaw International Airport and proceeds down the F. T. Williams Highway, passing the Shadwell roundabout and terminating at Ogees.

    Although the capital project’s first work was started some time ago, Prime Minister Dr. Drew expressed his joy that the project has advanced to the point where heavy machinery has started to operate.

    “This work has been ongoing for more than a year, but naturally, the heavy machinery we see here is only possible if the engineering, designs, and other tasks have been completed. As the elected parliamentary representative for the area, Dr. Drew stated, “We are now hoping to complete this road within a year and resolve the issues of the main road and access to the area of St. Peter’s.”

    The building of the round-a-bout is one of the most important aspects of the project, according to Alexis Hazel, Owner of Rock & Dirt Limited, the primary contractor on the Rehabilitation of the St. Peter’s Main Road and F. T. Williams Highway East Project.

    We are reducing the road’s hillside in order to provide as much space as possible for the roundabout. Since there will be four routes going into it, the roundabout must be large and open in order to accommodate up to 30 to 50 cars. “We are not designing the road for today, we are designing it for tomorrow,” Mr. Hazel explained as to why they are taking this action.

    In an effort to maximize project efficiency, he also mentioned that construction will begin concurrently at several places as early as next week.

    “We are going to begin widening [the road] in Ogees Ghaut on Monday, March 18.” He stated, “We want to stick to the one-year project projection since we will also have a crew from Bass Bakery covering the drains.

    Prime Minister Drew, meantime, recognized that the construction was causing traffic jams, but he also stated that he thought the public would understand that these steps were necessary to solve the St. Peters road problems.

    In order to bring the road up to international standards, walkways and road safety studs, sometimes known as “cat’s eyes,” will be erected as part of the Rehabilitation of the St. Peter’s Main Road and F. T. Williams Highway East Project.


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