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Saturday, April 13, 2024

    Jamaica “Irie Man”

    Legendary among Caribbean islands, Jamaica’s allure is in its diversity.

    The island’s varied character ranges from the towering Blue Mountains to the laid back South Coast and the famous beach resorts in the north.

    For plantations, rafting, reggae, rum, the World famous Blue Mountain coffee, cultural and natural attractions, Jamaica has it all!

    Choose between any number of sun-soaked locations in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios or Negril and you’ll find there’s never a dull moment.

    The north coast, in particular, is the home of many sandy white beaches with the blue waters, palm trees and beach-life which have made Jamaica famous.

    Montego Bay

    Montego Bay, or Mo Bay as it is popularly known, is deservedly one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world.

    Over the years it has attracted the rich and the famous and has been the haunt of royalty.

    Ocho Rios

    Ocho Rios, or “Ochee” as it is known locally, is the second major tourist town on the north coast with a wide range of accommodation, excellent beaches, airstrip and modern cruise facilities. Each year it attracts more than 700,000 tourists.


    Negril was ‘discovered’ by the hippies who set up a colony in the 1960s. This town has a laid back attitude, which is complemented by some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Its waters offer world-class diving and a wealth of watersports.

    Golden Eye, Ocho Rios

    Goldeneye is nestled among tropical forests and lush gardens on a seaside bluff overlooking the Caribbean where you can put a little distance between yourself and the rest of the world. Our lifestyle is pure Jamaican in rhythm and tempo, “easy”.

    We offer you a window to local culture and a different way of living. Goldeneye is also historic.

    This is where Ian Fleming crafted all his James Bond novels. What Fleming loved most about Goldeneye was the out of doors, nature, the sounds and colors, the peace and drama of living by the sea.

    He delighted in “the blazing sunshine, natural beauty and the most healthy life I could live.”

    Jakes Treasure Beach

    Jake’s in Jamaica is a boutique resort with personality and charisma. Its 18 cottages were created by theatrical designer Sally Henzell to commune with garden, sea and sky. Jake’s is a very sensual place.

    The secluded cottages are one with the environment. Some have decks above the waves. Privacy is paramount.

    But mixing in is easy. Two restaurants serve fresh seafood and authentic Jamaican cuisine. Jake’s is the perfect choice for a romantic getaway, a spiritual retreat or an adventure.

    Strawberry Hill Irish Town

    A unique mountain resort, Strawberry Hill features 12 Georgian-style airy cottages ranging from studio suites to three bedroom suites.

    The architecture reflects 19th century Jamaica with intricate hand-carved fretwork details and stunning interiors.

    Strawberry Hill boasts the Caribbean’s only full-service Aveda Concept Spa, a one-of-a-kind negative edge pool overlooking the city lights below, elaborate botanical gardens, and a gourmet restaurant serving New Jamaican cuisine. Includes breakfast and dinner.

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